The Movement Never Stops

After eight years of being a photographer, KingDemetrius held his first photo exhibition, The Movement Never Stops, from May 13-15, 2022. 

The collection was a glimpse into the Social Justice Movement in Minnesota. 

It highlighted a few well-known events, as well as others that had not received adequate coverage from mainstream media. 

KingDemetrius also surprised guests that weekend with his first book by the same title.

The reality for BIPOC communities is truly that the Movement never stops, as injustices continue on a daily basis.  People of color are not only discriminated against by police but by an entire network of healthcare, housing, education, banking and judicial systems.  Even with all the heartache, the exhibition and book uplift the spirits of advocates and protestors who continue to participate, as their staunch commitment has brought about change and victories.

On opening night KingDemetrius explained his painstaking journey.  His trauma began in elementary school when teachers told him he wouldn’t live to see thirteen. 

As he said in the book, “When you’re young, you believe what you’re told.  So if I dared to feel a sense of accomplishment, their voices would enter my head and haunt me.  It’s as if they branded me like a beast.  The insecurities and self-doubt built up, and I eventually quit trying. 

The only positive words I recall as a youth were from my grandmother Gussie Mae Stewart.  However, her one voice wasn’t enough to overcome the rest of the crowd.  I later fell into addiction and the darkness that accompanies it.”

KingDemetrius was greatly inspired by Gordon Parks, and he is ever grateful to his mentors, Wing Young Huie, John Arthur Anderson, John Turnipseed and Mickey Mikeworth, who ultimately led him to where he is today.  King hopes the best is yet to come!

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