Meet The Team


KingDemetrius Pendleton is an internationally recognized photojournalist and activist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  His dedication to serve the community in exposing police brutality led him to be the first journalist on scene after the killing of George Floyd.  His images have been seen by countless people across the world as he documents protests and grassroots organizing in Minnesota and beyond.  His live videos capture millions of views and have been used by national and international media outlets.  He is a sought out leader whose style of photography draws the viewer into personal moments with family, silent prayers, mass demonstrations, ceremonies, or face-to-face with national leaders.

KingDemetrius was among only a few reporters who covered Derek Chauvin inside the courtroom.  The writing he did during the trail gave many a unique perspective.  His personal reflections each day in court were a powerful testimony to a historic moment the world watched.

In 2022 he produced his first traveling exhibit and book, The Movement Never Stops, telling a powerful story of the rebirth of the civil rights movement.  The exhibit covers events before and after the murder of George Floyd.  KingDemetrius is a dynamic public speaker who shares his powerful personal journey.  His story brings audiences the lows of overcoming many obstacles including child abuse, drug addiction, incarceration, the tragic death of two children, and a painful divorce.  Yet, these significant moments are what gave him his profound dedication to document the most powerful events in a generation.

In 2021 he was awarded an Unsung Hero’s Award by the McKnight Foundation, a Facing Race Awards by the Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation, and a Liberation Lens: Outstanding Movement Journalist Award by the Racial Justice Network, to name a few.  In 2022 he was a featured subject He has also been interviewed by local and national outlets for his work on the ground.

The accolades continued in May of 2022 when in June, he was the only photographer featured as part of the LynLake Art Series.  And in July he was honored by the Hennepin Theatre Trust.  A banner of him standing with a solidarity fist will hang on the 9th Street side of the Jack Link’s Lounge until next year.

KingDemetrius is most proud of being a single, Black father, devoting time and energy to 13 children and stepchildren.  He also mentors young, upcoming photographers to foster a generation that will do even more behind the powerful lens.  In 2019 he received his Associates of Applied Science, a PHDI (Photography and Digital Imaging) diploma, and was part of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Administrative Manager

AJ Bantley holds a degree in Business Management.  She owned and operated several businesses in the publishing industry for three decades.  While doing so, she oversaw a team of professional editors and writers, and ran her own bookstore. 

She currently works as a client coordinator for a mental health clinic, is an administrative assistant for an inner-city public school, and volunteers in her position at Listen Media USA.  Social justice has been her passion since childhood, and she is a staunch supporter of developing and promoting independent media platforms.


Brixton Hughes has been making videos for nearly 25 years.  His first public access TV show was Art Temple followed by The Temple Tapes and The Okar Effect.  His first feature-length film was Crafted to Last:  Minnesota Beer Blossoms. 

Since 2016 he has focused on local issues in the Twin Cities that are critical to creating a more inclusive, just and community-based society.  New Hughes Video Feed (on Facebook) is one of Brixton’s current initiatives.  Working with Listen Media he continues to amplify the voices of the unheard in long-form video content centered on the issues that are most critical to our community.

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