George Floyd Square Exhibit

George Floyd Square

Since 2011 the studio of master photographer Wing Young Huie has been located at 38th and Chicago Ave, the intersection now famously known as George Floyd Square. 

On the two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death in May of 2022, Wing wanted to honor KingDemetrius for his work in the social justice movement and held a small exhibition of his photos. 

When it came time to dismantle the exhibition, Wing decided that King’s work deserved to be kept in the studio windows.  Since that time Wing has graciously allowed Listen Media to use his studio space on weekends to inform visitors to the Square about social issues and the importance of independent media. 

Visitors are led on a 10 minute informative tour, using King’s photos as a foundation, and are encouraged to engage in social justice awareness and efforts thereafter. 

Stop by on weekends next time you’re in Minneapolis!

Guest Book Comments

Keep the momentum going! (Sam S, Lawrence KS)

Black Lives Matter. All Power to the People! (Dmitra S, Sonoma, CA)

I love youuu. It's amazing. (S&D, Portland, OR)

Keep inspiring us all with your talent and tenacity. Much gratitude! (Nicole P)

Thank you for your work of expertise. The truth matters. (The H Family)

Thank you for being another inspiring artist in this world. KEEP ON FOREVER. (Herb A)

THANK YOU! your capturing of light during a dark time in such a strong work of LOVE! (Jordan P-K)

Thank you for your work and commitment to racial justice. (Jacqueline L-C, Minneapolis)

Keep up the good work. (Darnell S, Bronx, NY)

Amazing vision. Thank you! (Robin G)

Thank you for all you do! You are a blessing to the community! (Lachelle C, Minneapolis)

We are the prophets of our destiny. Act with love, power and purpose. (Cory C, Bend, OR)

May the lives we lead be an inspiration for others. You matter. (Ali W, GA)

Thank you for your work. (Maxine R, Los Angeles, CA)

Thank you for your wonderful works. These photos are a gift to our community. (Haya Health, Mpls)


Matt C, Chapel Hill, NC

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